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Best Workflow To Produce Ortho Building Elevations?

I have to produce a considerable number of accurate, high res, rectified images of the interior elevations of a fire damaged building from data captured with a DJI drone. First test looks promising but learning curve looks steep to get from there to finished product. Main stmbling block so far is orientation of the model and control/revision of wrongly stitched images. Can anyone suggest online learning resource or workflow examples for this task?

Thanks, William.

Hi William,
Thank you for contacting the Pix4D Support. Orientation is a common issue when you are doing indoor mapping/ vertical wall or so on. However, after processing step 1, you can orient the project to your requirement by using the " New Orientation Constraint " feature available on the software. For more information, I would recommend you to go through our support article on How to orient a project.