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Area display on main page

Good day everyone,
I’m in the process of compiling my post flights in Pix4Dfields and now that I have a few projects I see that on the main page (see screen cap below) it shows 0.0 ha on the main page, my flights are greater than a hectare and wondering why it shows 0.0 ha?
My second screen cap shows a summary of one of my Projects, this still shows 0.0 ha on main page.

My Home screen:

An example Project showing area summary:

Best regards,

Hi Mark,

Thank you for contacting us. Are you using the last version of Pix4Dfields (1.6)? Can you please check that for me? Unfortunately, I can not replicate that error on my screen. Can you please create a ticket for us, this will help us to assist you in a better way. Please attach the log file of your project to the ticket.

Kind regards,

Hi Fernanda,
I just updated to version 1.6, but now Pix4Dfields cannot find my data folder?



You can change the data folder here:

Can you give us a screenshot of the error you are getting?