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Angle of the camera can improve z-axis absolute accuracy?

I’m struggling to find how to improve z-axis absolute accuracy.
Of course, I gonna use RTK drone and GCP’s.
The place where i try to map is not city view but flatland like before construction.
In my opinion, if i set my camera angle 70 or 80 degree, it could make get better absolute z-axis accuracy than 90 degree. Is it right?
And if you have any tips to improve z-axis acuuracy, please tell me:)

Thanks for reading.

I think you are already taking the best approach for keeping the accuracies of Z-axis as high as possible. GCPs in conjunction with RTK acquired imagery will keep your model as accurate as possible. Setting the camera angle to 70 or 80 degrees won’t increase the vertical accuracy but it will help for reconstruction of features on the ground. But you stated that your project area is flat so it does not make much sense to change the camera angle.

What drone are you using? With my Wingtra I consistently get absolute vertical accuracies of 0.10-0.15 feet without any ground control points.

Maybe I’m trying the best way.
Thanks for your answer:D

I use phantom 4 RTK or Matrice 300 RTK