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Amazon EC2 vs Dual Xeon Workstation

OK Pix4D people, the results are in!

I ran some comparison tests between:

Amazon EC2 g2.8xlarge instance (a dual Xeon machine with 4 Nvidia GRID K520 GPUs attached). Windows Server 2016/60GB RAM.

Local HPZ840 Workstation with dual Xeon and a Quadro K5200/128MB RAM

Test dataset:

198 images approx 8meg each from a Sensefly SODA camera. Area: 84 hectares. PPK data already georeferenced. Template: 3D maps without google outputs and without point cloud classification.


Stage 1:

Amazon: 43 mins; Local: 31 Mins

Point Cloud: 

Amazon: 16 mins; Local: 18 mins

3D Mesh:

Amazon: 21 mins; Local: 20 mins


Amazon: 11 mins; Local: 17 mins


Amazon: 23 mins; Local: 24 mins


Amazon: 40 mins. Local: 26 mins

I will now swap out the Quadro K5200 and use a Geforce TITAN (PASCAL). I will attempt to use teh same 3D Game App Development config as with the Quadro in Nvidia Control Panel. NOTE: GeForce Control Panel doesn’t have the preset modes as per Quadro.


Yeah I have done plenty of this too and nothing compares to a super fast gaming desktop…

My desktop computer runs circles around the Pix4D cloud server running identical projects.

Actual results from my previous post: