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Adding a constant shift in the Pix4D data


Is it possible to shift the complete Pix4D data by some constant x,y,z(in UTM) coordinate shift.

Like consider the case wherin I have a constant global shift in my point cloud data in Pix4D but I know the position of a GCP point(not marked as GCP in the current processed data) on that data very accurately. I would check the position estimated by Pix4D for this GCP point and subtract these values from the accurately known measurement and add this constant shift all over the data to other points as well.

Appreciate any help in this regard. Let me know if any clarifications are required over my query.

Thanks and Regards,


Hi Suhas,

You could export the image coordinates and add the constant shift based on the GCP measurement.
Then you could re-import the coordinates being corrected.

We recommend to check this article for help.