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Pix4Dreact 2D fast-mapping software is designed for public safety and emergency response.

Share your stories of working with this new tool with the community. Any questions about how Pix4Dreact works? Ask them here or check out our FAQ.

Like the product, disappointed that my Typhoon H’s camera isn’t supported. I can see the image points on the map but otherwise I’m out of luck. That in spite of the FAQ’s statement that the product is “drone agnostic.” I’ll be happy to use the product if a future update solves the issue.


Same issue here using a Mavic 2 Enterprise Zoom. Says the cameras are not supported. Seems a little weird to me.

Same issue with images form a Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual.

Hi All,
Pix4Dreact will process imagery from the most popular drone models on the market today. We are actively working on supporting more RGB cameras in Pix4Dreact, and subsequent updated versions will have more camera model support. The list below contains most of the supported cameras:

DJI Phantom series
DJI Mavic 1 Series
DJI Mavic 2 Pro
Aeryon SkyRanger RGB Cameras
senseFly RGB Cameras
Wingtra RGB Cameras
Parrot Anafi RGB

Ok. Thank you. Any ETA on the support? Are we looking at weeks or months?

Enterprise Dual RGB images will be supported soon (maybe the next version). For supporting more cameras, please follow the dataset requirements for calibration: and send us a dataset, we will work on it. For now, the cameras in Pix4Dmapper database are supported as Kapil mentioned.

Will do. Thank you.

Also works with DJI Inspire X3, X4S cameras as well.

Hi Blair,

The Pix4Dreact works with DJI X3S and DJI X4S cameras.