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About the mosaicking result (shadow in DSM and ghost in orthomosaic image)


I meet two problems need to help!

  1. There is a shadow region in DSM, as below.


  1. The orthomosaic image shows ghost, as below.

Figure 1: Shadow in DSM for Question 1

The overlap figure

2D Keypoint Matches figure is as below. Thank you!

Hey Jian,
What settings are you using for DSM generation?
Under DSM filters you can try to change the type. As default Sharp is enabled but you can try Smooth or Medium type as well.

Hey Selim,

Thanks for your advice!

The type I used is Sharp. And I will try Smooth or Medium type again!


Hey Jian,
Alternatively, you may try to downsample your resoulation instead of using the automatic settings . Are you having any other stitching issues?