Windows 11 issue with PIX4Dmapper, PIX4Dfields, PIX4Dsurvey, and PIX4Dmatic [e9041]

Hola Kapil Khanal

Actualice el controlador de la tarjeta gráfica pero sigo presentando el mismo problema, te adjunto un video, en este caso se cerró el sistema con pantalla azul, en otras ocasiones solo se cierra la aplicación PIX4D.Llevo usando el software hace 10 años y no había tenido inconvenientes, tuve que cambiar la motherboar del computador y el procesador te envío también la configuración de mi hardware por si les sirve para entender dónde puede estar el problema.

Agradezco la atención.


Carlos Santiago Gomez Salazar

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Hello @oopartsas I would suggest you to open the support ticket using the below link as you have a valid license so that we can collect more information and look into the issue in more detail. The video was not attached in this post so don’t forget to send the video as well.

Hi @Kapil_Khanal, @Mike_K,

Pix4d mapper problems continue with Windows 11?
I want to buy a new PC, but now most of them have windows 11 installed. What do you suggest? I want to use Pix4D Mapper.


Jonathan C.

Hello @jonathancalderonmendoza3, The newer version of PIX4Dmapper 4.8.0 or higher should work with Windows 11.

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I just installed PIX4Dmapper 4.8.1. I’m trying to evaluate this software to see if this will work for my needs. However, I seem to be having the issue where the software crashes while trying to create a new project. I am running Windows 11 Pro. Is it still required to disable the OneDrive syncing? This doesn’t seem to be a suitable solution for me as I want all my files backed up by OneDrive. Are there any other solutions to this problem that I could try before I give up on PIX4D and move on to evaluating other software?

Hello @jeff2, The newer version of PIX4Dmapper shouldn’t have any issue with Windows 11. Can you go through the below support article, and if that doesn’t solve your issue, send the Window Event Log to support and we will investigate it.

Hello, We have Pix4Dmapper - Educational 4.3.31 with Windows 11 Pro, but just from today, Pix4D closes when we try make a new project. ¿Do you have some solution for us?

Hello @dario, Make sure to disable the syn of the Onedrive as explained at the top of this post.

Hi there,
Thanks for sharing. I tried Pix4D 4.8.2 on Win 11 and still get the same issue. However, the not-ideal OneDrive workaround temporarily got it working for me, so still seems unresolved unfortunately :frowning:

Hello @luke2, I believe it might be a different issue if you have closely followed the above steps and if it didn’t work. So, make sure to go through the below support article,

Hi Kapil,
Thanks for coming back to me and apologies for the delay. I got too invested in using this amazing software, that I didn’t get a chance to come back and investigate this further until now. haha.

Yes, so I’ve gone through in detail the Crash Troubleshooting article and I have made sure I’ve covered everything off.
Checked GPU drivers, RAM, storage, not using external USB, No 3rd Party AV, no conflicting Windows Environment Variables, and using with Win 11 however using Pix4D 4.8.2

I’m on recommended hardware (Ryzen 9 5900X, 64GB, nvme SSD with a few 100GB free space, 3080 GPU, etc).

I can replicate the crash 100% of time on startup, although I did apply the Win 11 OneDrive workaround (which my understanding with 4.8.2. I don’t need to do so anymore), and it definitely solve the crashes, very reliable.
As soon as I change OneDrive back, same issue. Note: I do have two OneDrive’s, not sure if that is a factor (i.e. OneDrive and OneDrive for Business, however I believe they are the same executable these days??? I’m not 100% sure). So I feel the compatibility issue is still present in my situation.
Whilst I can temporarily use it, I lose the feature of having items on my desktop or risk having no backup of them.
I’m happy to try whatever is required, as I really want to be able to use Windows normally and also Pix4D, although I’m not sure where to go from here.

Hello @luke2, Any software above 4.8.0 should currently support Windows 11. However, there might still be an issue with the OneDrive Syn being enabled. So, if you are having issues with windows 11 and OneDrive, you have to disable OneDrive Sync to be able to use the software.

Hi Kapil
Ok thanks for clarifying, much appreciated.

This is really a non-starter for those of us in a corporate IT environment where the policy is to back up your computer by this method. Are there any plans to fix the issue that don’t involve this?

Hello @mikeclapp, You don’t need to back up the windows, which might be difficult for the user. However, disabling the Microsoft OneDrive following the steps we provided should be a simple task for a non-IT person.

To be clear, it’s not my choice to do this but one of Corporate IT dictating that it’s done that way. I don’t have the option to turn that backup off.

If it helps, I am currently using stable version 4.7.5 on Windows 11 with no problems. I will not update the version until a new stable version gets realeased.

Hello, I still have a problem when creating a new projet or opening an existing one. I use Windows 11 and CANNOT unable de saving on Onedrive since my company doesn’t allow it. How can I fix the problem? Thank you very much

Hello there, I would recommend you to update to the latest PIX4Dmapper software. If you are still having the issue, you need to either disable the one drive sync or use Windows 10.