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We have read multiple comments about those type of error :
-Warning w9020: GDAL Error <4> E:/xxx/Drone/xxx/1_initial/report/html/dsm_preview.tif: No such file or directory
-Warning w9020: GDAL Warning <1> libjpeg: Corrupt JPEG data: 311296 extraneous bytes before marker 0xd1 (this warning can be turned as an error by setting GDAL_ERROR_ON_LIBJPEG_WARNING to TRUE); but for us it impacts our orthomosaic even the process was finished, so could you help us how to resolved this problem please?

Thank you

Hi @ingetopo.gabriel,
in most cases the w9020 GDAL errors can be ignored, please see this post for more information:

You mention that the orthomosaic is affected. Could you give us some more examples and share some screenshots? Did orthomosaic get generated?

Best regards,