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Ufraw ndvi


Reading the instructions that is posted by pix4d for processing raw files in UFraw to tiff one big issue is batch processing. Right now the instructions are having you click through each photo one by one. Can you please clarify how to batch process a project in UFraw to start a pix4d project using a modified cannon s100 g-r-nir images.

I would be interested in seeing the answer to this question if available.

same here… no answer?


Dear all,

The coefficients should be the same from one image to the next, so you should be able to compute the coefficients for one image and use those for the vignetting corrections of the other images. 

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To batch process RAW files, one needs to use the ufraw-batch.exe app that comes with ufraw,  It’s a bit complicated applying the parameters from a (single) reference image processed in ufraw.exe, but can be done either in the command line or from a file (see the ufraw site for instructions). 

Unfortunately, ufraw is not well supported in Windows (as opposed to linux) and so may not support some raw formats in newer camera models.

I am moving over to using rawtherapee, but some fo the settings recommended by pix4d are not directly available in the same format (e.g. no channel multipliers are provded for white balance)