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Turning off dji control android

I find that the pix4d DJI control is very intrusive and does not seem that i can keep it from prompting me if I want the “USB device” .
This prevents me from using the DJI go app. I ended up having to uninstall DJI control at the site just to be a fly with the DJI app.
I appreciate any help. Again using an android device and M200.

Hi Cesar,

Whenever you use either app, Pix4Dcapture (with the associated Ctrl+DJI) or DJI GO (4), ensure the other app is not running in the background. In your case, while using DJI GO (4), make sure Pix4Dcapture and Ctrl+DJI are not running in the background.

If needed, force quit the app you are not using at that moment.

Does that help?

That didn’t seem to work Rhea.  I think your development team should look at way to make it NOT take over our devices. It was very a frustrating situation.