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Travado "In misson"

Durante a missão “In mission” após “Going in mission”, o drone para no ar e não continua a missão, fica simplesmente parado, sem prosseguir o plano de voo.

Aircraft: Mavic 2 pro.
Mobile device: samsung J6
Use apps: ctrl + DJI e Pix4d

just to rule out possible reasons. Are you sure you haven’t touched the remote control?

On the other hand, the drone behaves like this from the first moment or has it been now?



Sim, tenho certeza que não toquei o controle remoto.

Sim, o drone se comporta dessa maneira desde a primeira tentativa de voo autônomo. Produto novo.

Could you attach a screnshoot of your mission?
It happens with all types of missions or just one in particular?


Para ficar mais intuitivo, realizamos a gravação do problema.

I understand now,

when the drone appears to be stationary, does it take pictures? In case of taking pictures, did it following the route plan or take all of them from the same place?

Have you tried to carry out missions with another smartphone? The behavior of the drone is the same?


We did the test with a motorola 8. The same error happened.

Smartphone technical data:

CPU: 4x 2.0 GHz Kyro 260 + 4x 1.8 GHz Kyro 260
CHIPSET: Snapdragon 665 Qualcomm SDM665
GPU: Adreno 610

We made another video: