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Sounds explanation

Audio feedback of Pix4DCapture is a great feature.

There are helpful sounds:

  • Tone up/down when changing height

  • Battery low/critical sound

  • Photo shooting sounds (although I would prefer to hear these only if it is confirmed that a photo was recorded at this moment)


But, recently I ran into a sound which I didn’t knew the meaning of. It started mid-mission and continued until the drone landed (although I was highly confused, I did not aborted).


Maybe there should be a place with examples of all the sounds and their meaning explained?


Hi Tomasz,

Thank you for the nice feedback!

It would be actually complicated to write some documentation about sounds. The three sounds you mentioned are expected.

If something goes wrong, you would not only hear it but also see it in the app, although the best way to make sure everything is right is to keep visual contact with the drone and be ready to take over manual control.

Besides the weird sound, did you notice the drone had an expected behavior?

Which drone (and camera if not default) are you flying? What is the model of the mobile device?

It looks like the mysterious sound was not played by Pix4DCapture. I just assumed it incorrectly.

I now think the sound started when the tablet started being charged from RC. I didn’t even knew this technology is so smart - it started charging from RC battery only after the tablet battery dropped far below 50% (don’t know the exact number).

The drone behaved as expected, finished the mission correctly.

I am using Phantom 3 Pro with stock camera and all other components, nVidia Shield as mobile device.

Yes indeed, the mobile is being charged while it is connected to the RC. Everything was probably fine :).