"Snow" in the point cloud


What are the white points in the point cloud ?

Some of them are neither on the ground og related to erected objects.


Hi Tibor.

To find out what caused this “snow”, I suggest you click on a point and see what the relevant feature in the images is.

Once you click on a point on the dense point cloud, in the image view on the right the corresponding feature will be shown with a cross.

How was your acquisition strategy?
It is possible that this is part of the sky that is causing this artifact.

You are right. Part of the sky that is causing this artifact

The dense point cloud in question is a result of merging. It is sum of a oblique drone image set and a viDoc image set processed separately prior merging.
The artifacts do not appear in the dense point cloud derived from the oblique drone image set.


Hi @tibor.vari,

Thank you for confirming this.

Please try to enable the Noise filter and the Sky filter in the Dense point cloud processing step.

:information_source: Note that this will significantly increases the processing time


Agreed with Daniele, the sky filter should get rid of these “snow” patches automatically.