Quick way to combine flight data and picture

This should be an easy solution, but I haven’t found it. When I need to fly a large area, I break it down into 2 or more flights. This leaves with with 2+ sets of pictures and 2+ data files.

The 2 picture files will have pics named the same, for example each pic set will have files named DCS0001, DCS0002, DCS0003 and so on.

Each data set will then have a set of coordinates for DSC0001, DCS0002 and so on.

Currently I go through and manually change each picture name in one data set to be DSC0001a, DCS0002a … Then I change the picture column of that data set to match.

This is super slow especially when I have many flights to combine. What is a faster way to deal with this issue?

Hi ben1,

I can see two ways:

Depending on the drone/camera you can set the naming convention before starting and then there would be no need to rename.

Get file renaming software and bulk rename. A quick google search will provide you with many to choose from. I used mac and there was one included in the machine.