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Question about Carve tool - how to apply?

I am attempting to cleanup sky with the carve tool. I was wondering if I am doing it right. The attached example is how I apply the tool around the tower object. Is it “safe” to try to carve within the area taken by the antennas or I am risking removing too much?

When using the Carve annotation tool, all the 3D points that are located on the rays connecting the camera center and the annotated pixels are deleted. In order not to create holes in the final model, the Image Annotation tool should be used on images where only one 3D point is located on the ray connecting the camera center and the annotated pixel. For more information, please visit, What is Carve?. Please make sure to save your project before processing if you would like to keep the edited version of the data.

We have a new product for this type of project (cell towers) which is Pix4Dinsepct. If you are interested, we have the webinar, Intelligent digital twins for cell towers at scale.

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Your answer is a copy pasta from pix4d’s web site. Can you provide for more clarification? I totally do not understand what this entire blob of pasted text means.
What do you think about provided example?