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Publish/Share on Wordpress: the site support oEmbed?

Hi everyone,

I will share eventually my first project on a private site I’ve done on Wordpress.

The html code have no preview on wordpress, because:

Does This Work With Any URL?

No, not by default. WordPress will only embed URLs matching an internal whitelist. This is for security purposes.


So, wich I need to use from those 2 option:


How Can I Add or Change Support For Websites?

Adding support for an additional website depends on whether the site supports oEmbed.

Adding Support For An oEmbed-Enabled Site

If a site supports oEmbed, you’ll want to call wp_oembed_add_provider() to add the site and URL format to the internal whitelist.

Adding Support For A Non-oEmbed Site

You’ll need to register a handler using wp_embed_register_handler() and provide a callback function that generates the HTML.



Hi Roberto, 

I would try the second option “Adding Support For A Non-oEmbed Site”. 

If you access the project you want to share on your Wordpress site and click the  Share  button on the upper-right corner. An external link and an HTML embedded link will be created. You could use this HTML embedded link for the callback function.

Please post an update if you try this! and share the link to your website with the result :)