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Processing error leading to odd deformation

Hi all. I am using Pix4d files to create topographic documents, having done around 100 of these over the past 3 years. I now have 3 projects and counting piling up with an error I can not figure out. Thanks in advance for assistance.

Here is a brief video synopsis of the issue

As shown in the above video, a chimney, walkway, and an elevation difference between sections of the project let me know it had issues, although our processing workflow and options have not changed at all, after many jobs with no hitches.

Hi @candarco,

Thank you for sharing the video, I could get a nice overview of the situation out of it.

When you showed the tilted chimney, my first reaction was that we need to check how the DSM is generated in that area. The orthomosaic receives as input the DSM and the position of original images. If the DSM is noisy or the reconstruction is not optimal, the orthomosaic will be distorted.

Would it be possible to share a screenshot of the DSM and Orthomosaic of the area you are referring to?

As for the difference in heights, could you share the .pdf quality report of the project processed in Pix4Dmapper?
Did you use GCPs for georeferencing the project?


GCPs were used, and yesterday it was reprocessed without them, and it appeared to fix the issue.

I actually was going to post all those screenshots but this forum limited me to one attachment as a “new user”.

I am glad to hear that the issue was resolved.

You can also attach the whole .pdf report instead of the screenshots. You can find it in the project folder: …\project_name\initial\report.