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Point Cloud classification

Hi, I got these messages while processing Step 2 in Version 4.1.24., even after following related posts. Your help will be highly appreciated.


[Error]: Error loading boosting model file C:/Users/José Ignacio/AppData/Local/Temp/pix4d.P1XkOA/model.lightgbm

[Error]: Could not load LightGBM model from file: C:/Users/José Ignacio/AppData/Local/Temp/pix4d.P1XkOA/model.lightgbm

[Error]: Error classifying pointcloud: Error classifying point cloud

[Error]: Failed to run classification

Processing: Substep Point Cloud Classification finished.

[Warning]: Triangulate PA2 error: 111.936(112.732)

[Warning]: Triangulate PA3 error: 70.0217(70.2)

[Warning]: Triangulate PA2 error: 111.936(112.732)

[Warning]: Triangulate PA3 error: 70.0217(70.2)

Hi José, 

The problem could be related to the file path: “C:/Users/José Ignacio/AppData/Local/Temp/pix4d.P1XkOA/model.lightgbm”.

The problem could come from “_José Ignacio” _in the file path. Could you please try to create another project using a different path that does not contain folders having special characters or spaces? I would expect the classification to work this way.

Please post an update if you try. Thanks!

Hi Pierangelo,

After several trials, I have realized the problem was my windows username. I had to uninstall and re-install the app again under a new windows user without any special character.

Now it works properly!!

Thanks for your prompt support

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Great to hear that it is working! Your tests seem to confirm that the issue was with special characters in the installation path, in this case with the Windows user name that had a “space” and “é” in it.