Pix4D compatibility with GREEN VALLEY X3 H LIDAR sensor

¿How to configure a camera in the Pix4D software, that is compatible with a Greenvalley X3 H LIDAR sensor, in order to use the photos it generates as input for photogrammetry? I appreciate the support you can provide.

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PIX4Dmapper has an extensive internal camera database but can process images from any camera model (RGB, multispectral, thermal). For cameras that do not exist in PIX4Dmapper’s camera database, the optimal internal camera parameters can be computed in the software while processing a good dataset.
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Note: You won’t be able to process LIDAR data in PIX4Dmapper.

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We use the X3-H RGB Images in Pix4D extensively. After processing your LiDAR data through LiGeoreference to correct the trajectory, go to the ‘TOOLS’ tab and click the "Export Camera List’ button. This will write the corrected positions to the image metadata. Then just start a new project in Pix4D and process as you normally would.