Phantom 4 Pro focus

I’ve been repairing a friends P4P after he crashed and broke the gimbal arm and ribbon, only to find vibration board also needed replaced.  My issue is that it will only focus right directly in front of it, but when trying anything beyond 6 inches it will not focus…focus assist & manual on, reset camera settings, yet unable to focus…infinity or otherwise.  I understand there are two tiny screws to adjust?  I’ve even replaced the data ribbon again to be sure I didn’t cause a break in bending. Any help here would be appreciated. Thanks

Hi Robert. As this is a technical question specific to the operation of the P4P you may want to consider reaching out on the DJI forum or directly to DJI support. Although there are some knowledgable folks here so maybe someone has experience with this. Can’t say that I have experience replacing these components so I can’t provide much guidance. Good luck.