Orthophotos, stereo and maximum number of images

I have queries working on pix4d mapper 4.7.5

  1. is it possible to generate individual ortho photos using rgb data in project…or is it we can generate only orthomosaic?
  2. what are the maximum number of rgb and multi spectral images that can be processed in single project…each image size of rgb is 33 mb, and in multi spectral each band is of 6 MB…iam using 5 band multi spectral data…my work station specification is 2.9 GHz,28 core, 128 GB RAM.
  3. can we do stereo capture ( 3d capture) fron rgb data in pix4d mapper project
    Hoping to get clarification on above queries…
    Thank you and regards

Closed as the same questions were posted here: Queries on pix4d mapper