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OK button Grayed out after loading GCP

When I load more than about a dozen GCP points into a project the OK button stays greyed out and will not accept GCP changes.  The basic editor menu will also have a greyed out OK button and will not accept any changes.  On the latest version of the software.  Any help would be appreciated. 

Hi Steven,

I am able to import 16 GCPs in version 4.2.27. Which version are you using? Could you please share a screenshot of the GCP/MTP Manager?

Can I get any confirmation on there being a limit to the number of groud control points that you can import?  I don’t normally import that many, but it’s nice to see how they all line up with what pix4d processes.

Hey Steven,

I have seen projects that had few hundred GCP’s. Personally I only did up to 20 GCP’s myself. I don’t think you should have any problems with a dozen GCP’s.

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The points will import into the program without an error, but as you can see from my screenshot the “OK” button stays greyed out.  If you open up the basic editor and mark images it also stays greyed out and will not accept the changes.

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Hi Steven,

As Selim correctly said, there should be no problem regarding the number of the GCPs.
Which version of the software are you using: the stable Pix4D Desktop 4.2.27 or the Preview Pix4D Desktop 4.3.9?

Do you get the same problem with more projects or just this one?
Please try to remove the GCPs, save the project, close the software and open it again. Do you get the same error?

Please make sure your GPU drivers are updated.

Looking forward to your answer,

Version 4.2.26

It is happening with every project I have worked on lately.  I have figured out that if I use the “Add Point” button, after importing the points from a file, and just create a empty point.  The ok button becomes clickable.

Hello Steven,

Please submit a support request including the GCPs file, the .p4d file and the images.

You can share the images and the .p4d with us, either uploading them to the Pix4D Cloud or using any other data sharing platform.