Not able to get proper ortho and DSM

I am not able to get proper DSM and Ortho in half part of the dataset. below I have attached the screenshot and quality report where the best result I got after trying several settings in the initial processing. images are getting calibrated but not properly. this is the small portion I tried with. in other parts DSM and ortho are getting generated.

Quality Report.pdf (1.6 MB)

Hi there

Here is your problem:

The overlap in your pictures is not sufficient. What were you settings?
And it looks that your project was some sort of steep mound? You really should use flight planning software that has terrain follow in these kind of projects.

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Overalp was the same as set for other data in planning. overlap 70 and side lap is 60. Other data is getting calibrated well. just this small patch is creating an issue that I have posted.

Hi bprathamesh824,
Jaakko_Laihola is correct in their assessment. Your overlap is not sufficient for an accurate reconstruction. It does appear you have some elevation changes within your project area. As Jaakko mentioned, using a terrain following flight path can help correct this. It will keep your image overlap constant as well as your ground sampling distance.

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Hi Jaakko_Laihola and Mike_K…
Is there any other solution to get DSM with the current dataset instead of reflying?
I request you to suggest whether any manual calibrations or anything else which will do the work with this dataset only. Please Suggest…

This difficult to correct. However, you might try adding many manual tie points to see if the software can perform a better reconstruction.

I wouldn’t even bother trying to fix that, honestly. That’s a re-fly.

The reason you see this issue on this flight and not others where you used the same overlap/sidelap settings is because you did not fly this from the highest elevation on-site.

If you’re NOT using terrain following, you need to fly from the highest point on site. Furthermore, you’ll need to split your flight area up into sub-areas based on elevation contours and keep moving your launch point to the highest point within each sub-area if the total terrain relief across the mapping area is significant enough to produce a large difference in GSD between the high and low points.

Here’s a quick example of that: