No calibrated images during initial processing for thermal images

I am hoping that someone can help with this situation. I am receiving an error code: e0046 - No calibrated images for a small data set of Thermal Images acquired with the Mavic 2 enterprise advanced. It has onboard a FLIR-TAU-640x512 lens. I changed the camera to the correct one within the advanced options and adjusted the focal length to the correct setting as well. My assumption is the overlap is not adequate enough for image overlap for the calibration process. It was a small area for research so front and side overlap were only set to 80% for RGB images with a flight altitude of 30m (100ft). I have processed RGB images before but this is the first attempt with a thermal image data set. Thanks for any help provided.

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Unfortunately with Mavic 2 enterprise advanced, there is a known issue with this thermal camera. The thermal image EXIF format is not the same as the other thermal images rjpeg format. Therefore, PIX4Dmapper cannot use the FLIR SDK for conversion to tiff and use them to produce thermal maps with temperature values. You can only generate thermal maps for visualization for Zenmuse H20T and Mavic 2 enterprise advanced.

However, for thermal images, you can still process them as RGB images (not grayscale ones with temperature values). It could only be use for visualization and by looking at the colors on the map and the color scale. Detecting anomalies is possible but no temperature value will be available for each object/pixel.
There is a workaround in this post as well as more info about this topic. Please visit:

Pix4Dmapper not converting RJPEG images to tiff from Zenmuse H20T and Mavic 2 dual enterprise advanced thermal camera