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NCTech iStar

Does Pix work with the Pulsar or Fusion or both? Any additional info on processing with Spherical Cameras would be great [Outside of the Link below]. 


Pulsar looks like it is designed for mobile data capture mounted on a vehicle or backpack

Fusion looks like it is designed for single image capture and can be used with our Leica Scanner. 


How to process Images of a Spherical Camera 




Hi Kevin,

We do not have the iStar Pulsar or Fusion cameras in our database at the moment. However, the good news is that for spherical cameras, focal length and distortion values for the camera model are not required, so you should be able to use them with the software even if the models are not in our database. The necessary information should be stored in the EXIF tags of the images.

Note that, for spherical cameras, Pix4Dmapper only supports the equirectangular image format. Learn more in What is the equirectangular Image format?.

I hope other users can share their experience using such cameras with you!

Hello did you add nctech camera at pix4d already?