Moving projects from PC to Laptop

Evening all.
Has anyone successfully moved a project file between computers in Fields? I’m really struggling.
So far all my projects have been created on a Mac desktop, and now I want to be able to present results directly to clients using a windows laptop.

I’ve been able to export projects to get the specific files, and using a combination of a thumbdrive and Google drive been able to get them onto my laptop.

I’ve installed Fields and successfully logged in (I know about the single seat floating licence).

Every time I click on the project file, I get a ‘do you want to import?’ question and then it fails. Every single time. I’ve spent hours trying to sort this process. It recommends I check that the project hasn’t already been imported and it hasn’t.

Anybody else seen this and found a work-around? I can’t believe that I can’t share my own projects between 2 machines.

Hi Chris,

for the record, this was solved on a support ticket. The issue was that some files were missing when moving to the second laptop. It’s recommended to move the zipped file and only unzip in the laptop to be used.


Hi Jose,

Yes, thank you for helping me with the solution.