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Keypoint Matches Red Triangle but Links are Dark.

Hi all,

After doing initial processing, the quality report showed that my data passed all the quality checks EXCEPT matching which is flagged with a Red Triangle. Per pix4D instructions, I scrolled down to figure 5 to check which areas had weak matches but the figure shows strong matches everywhere (dark links instead of bright links). Does anyone know why my data is failing its matching quality check? Thanks. Attached is my quality report.
PixProject_191002_Huntington_11-1_report.pdf (981.1 KB)

Hi Michael,

If you see the QR, you will see the key point matches are more in NIR and Rededge. The quality check matching is low because in the other bands, there were very few keypoint matches and then it generates the median to show in the quality check. The darkness in the graph is there as NIR, rededge had more matches. I would suggest you to choose NIR as the reference band for this project, the default is green.