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iOS Map Pilot App

To all trying to use the Capture app, you may want to look at the iOS Map Pilot app that is a front end for Maps Made Easy. You can take the images captured and read them straight into Pix without any problems. The app consistently works and IMHO opinion is much more reliable that the Capture App as bad as I hate to say that, but I am much more concerned about our clients getting their work done. There are a couple of gotchas.

  • The elevations of the geotags are the height above ground and not MSL so you will have to edit your geotags to get get the correct elevation. 
  • The lowest the app allows flight is 131 ft. on the P3P.
  • There is no free flight like there is in the Capture app. 

I hope this helps getting projects done with Pix. 

Seems a very nice smooth and simple app. Used with P3A. Thanks.

Map Pilot is working very well for me.  Question: If I use GCP  Do I need to work about editing the geotags?  So far , the output has been good.  It is just hard to use the Raycloud editior as my elevations are over 6000’ above the elevation on the geotag.