How to Measure Cut and Fill Volume between different contour line levels


I have recorded a hill that has boulders, trees. If i want to measure the area between two contour lines (cut and fill analysis), Can we get this value using Survey? i know i can get stockpile volume, but not sure how to do this?

Hi @rayavarapunani

Thank you for your message. Could you please share more information with us? Maybe a screenshot of the area showing the contour lines and describing which part of the project you are interested in.

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Hi Daniele:

I would like to measure the volume between the first and the last contour (top to bottom) or between the desired contours (any two) manually rather than using the stockpile volume option in Survey.
Do we have an option or methodology to do the same?
The client would like to see the report of the calculations too.

Attached the contour lines shape files in the below folder for your review.



Unfortunately, PIX4Dsurvey does not have this functionality. It is geared towards stockpiles.

I think you will need to look at using some advanced GIS software for this. Perhaps QGIS or ArcGIS.

Thanks, Mike