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How do I export exact X, Y, Z georeferencing coordinates of real life position?

I am having trouble exporting the actual X, Y, Z GPS coordinates of certain points in my models. I understand that Pix4D gives you computed coordinates and that you can export coordinates of points from the image but I can’t find a way to get coordinates of these points in real life in a way thatif I put them into Google Earth it would show me the same identical point locations.


Does anybody know a way that I may be able to do this? I have been struggling with this for the past week.

My suggestion:

  1. Draw polyline between points you want to show in Google Earth Pro

  2. Export polyline in .kml format

  3. Drag and drop .kml file to Google Earth Pro


@Jaakko Laihola Thank you so much! This worked out perfectly and gave me the exact coordinates!