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How big is too big to map with drones?

How big is too big? An American team flew over 300 flights, captured 260 square kilometers and created a map from more than 140,000 images in an attempt to evaluate a potential location for a geothermal plant.

Somewhere in 260 square kilometers of the mountainous Western United States, an energy company suspected that there was the perfect place for a new geothermal power plant.

The area was well-known for its thermal geyser - locals had even carved a hot tub into the banks of the thermal river which flowed into the lake.

But while they suspected it would be the perfect place for a geothermal plant, the company needed to prove it before breaking ground.

That’s where MWH Geo-Surveys came in. Equipped with VTOL (vertical take off and landing) and fixed wing drones, the team flew more than 300 flights to map 262 square kilometers with both thermal and RGB cameras.

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