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GPS Coordinate System - Austin, Texas

I have had no problems mapping/creating a 3D model with automatic settings, which is in Meters. But I need to output measurements in Feet. When I change the option to Feet, I’m unable to find the right GPS coordinate system and keep getting errors, even when selecting an autodetect system. The photos were taken in Austin, what should I be using? I have tried dozens of GPS Coordinate systems and Datums but I keep getting errors. Please help! 

Your best bet is to use NAD83(HARN) / Texas Central (ftUS)

Austin is in the State Plane Zone 4203.  GPS coordinates (WGS84) and Grid (NAD83) coordinates two different things.


I’ve also seen Pix4D’s unwillingness to properly handle units regardless of a chosen coordinate system. Units of measure should not govern which projection is available in Pix4D for any project.