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GCPs off by several Meters after Re-optimization

Hello Everyone,

I am currently processing a very large project (~8km) of rail line that I have broken into several segments. I have recently merged 2 segments by processing each individually through Initial Processing and identified 4-5 MTPs between each project. Once the merge was completed I incorporated the GCPs and attempted to rematch and reoptimize as I noticed that there were a few cameras that were not calibrated (all images captured with Sony Alpha A7r) by using the ‘load optimized parameters’ function. Once this was completed my project has completed shifted - GCPs are off by several meters, one segment of the rail line is now tilted and several meters below where it was when processed individually.

There were no issues when each segment was processed individually however now that a merge has occurred and GCPs integrated everything is off/incorrect.

GCPs were captured in NAD83 Original & aircraft captured in WGS84 - Output coordinate system defined as NAD 83 Original. I am just waiting for the quality report to complete and will upload shortly.

Thank you in advance for the help,