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Final work

the total length of project is 7km 

total image 1410

height 115 m

speed 14.5 m/s

overlap 70%

16 GCP 3D (RTK)

4 GCP 2D


Very interesting! Thanks for sharing :-). 
Did you use the Pix4D video animation tool to render your video or an external video tool?

Waoo pretty impresive, congratulations !!!

Parabéns Alhashimi
Gostaria de saber que equipamento utilizou para aquisição das imagens, as configurações de processamento no Pix4D e se houve edição na nuvem de pontos. O quê você editou na nuvem de pontos?


Hi Yousif, the youtube link you provided in the post is no longer working. Could you please update it, if possible, so that we can still see your final work?


Alice :slight_smile: