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I have problems with ERROR TO GCP INITIAL POSITION for 6 GCPs (19,20,31,26,30,194), you can check them in report - all this 6 points are in east side of the railroad. I have been mapping railroad with 4 lines and 80 % overlap (side and front). Since the THEORETICAL ERROR is good for all GCPs it is not the problem with points themselves and I can not find the solution.

My question is if it will allign point cloud and mosaic with these GCPs that are measured with good accuracy?


Quality Report.pdf (527.9 KB)

Hi Matjaz,
Try using Accurate Geolocation and Orientations as well as All Prior in the calibration settings for Step 1. Reprocess and see if it improves the GCP accuracy.

Processing: image.png…

You may also want to remark the six GCPs making sure that you are zoomed in to the highest resolution possible. Mark the best images and reprocess.

To answer your question, if your GCPs are accurate then your point cloud and orthomosaic will have the same accuracy. And if they are exhibiting error then the error will be translated to the point cloud and orthomosaic.