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error : Select output coordinate system


I receive this error

[Error]: Exception thrown: Trying to create an invalid CS with WKT

when i try to choose an advanced coordinate option, as a known coordinate system and clic from list or EPSG
When the photo doesn’t have been geolocated


Hi Carlos,

There are three possible coordinate system you have to set in a project: input (images), ground control points GCP (if you have them) and output coordinate systems.

This error you describe appears when something is wrong with one of them.

What you should do:

  • If your images do not have geolocation (as I understood from your post), you should always set the input coordinate system to Arbitrary Coordinate System [m].
    Go to Project > Image Properties Editor > Coordinate System > click on Edit :
  • Then, if you have ground control points, you should set output coordinate system (go to ProjectSelect Output Coordinate System) to be the same as the one for the ground control points (in ProjectGCP/MTP ManagerGCP Coordinate System > click on Edit ).
  • If you do not have ground control points, then the output coordinate system should be set to Arbitrary Coordinate System [m].

You will find more information about setting the coordinate systems here.

Let me know how it went.