Email notification from Pix4d Matic

Good news project has been processed.

Your Pix4D Team
It will be good to add this notification to Pix4d Matic.

Hi @zakhan107 , thanks for the feedback! If more people are interested in such a notification mechanism, please upvote his post.

I would love this feature. Please add the email notifications to Matic.

Hi Joseph,

Thank you for your feedback as well. It is indeed a useful feature. :slight_smile:

Let’s see if there are more people who also thought about your category options.


Hi everyone.

I want to inform you all that if you need the notification email so that you can start your next project, you can simply add two or more projects to the processing queue. The processing of the second project will start immediately after the first process ended.

While a project is processing, simply create a new project or open an existing project and click Start . The project will automatically be placed in the queue.

You can find additional information here:

Processing queue

Hope you find this information helpful.

Must have!

i’m consindering switching to mapper again!

I’ts also very unstable carshes etc…

also i need to learn mayby more…

Hi @Levi_Kooman

Thank you for your feedback!

Did you consider opening a support ticket to discuss the instability and crashes? We want to get most feedback as possible in order to offer a better experience.

Regarding learning, feel free to take a look at our training website: