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The DTM elevation value on road is good, but elevation value off road(vegetation area) is very bad…whats is the reason.


Hi Mohan,

I believe the vegetation part was not reconstructed as well as the road. How much off is the vegetation and how do you measure the differences (I believe you use GCPs on the road)? How does the point cloud look like for the trees?

If you can share a copy of the quality report and a screenshot of the rayCloud view that would help to better understand the issue.

Hi Julie,

I can differentiate by comparing total station reading and our DTM reading, and here is the scree shot, THANK YOU.

Hi Mohan,

I would suggest to improve the calibration of the model following my comment HERE “About the orthomosaic and the accuracy…”. You could first apply the linear rolling shutter correction and see if it reduces the uncertainties on the trees.