Elevation contour map inconsistent with other sources


Ive used Pix4D Capture quite extensively over the last few years but on my latest research task I have found an issue with inconsistencies with the elevation contour map of a particular area I need to survey next to a 600m high mountain.

Within Pix4D in vector mode the road intersects from the left at 50m then towards the middle of the image you can see the road then is at 280m before dropping back down to 50m the other side. There is also a small lake to the top left which according to Pix4D Capture is at 350m height. The 600m high mountain is above the road in this image.

When comparing the same area to OpenStreetMap’s website and also other sources such as Google Earth the road is actually at 50m all the way from left to right and that small lake at the top left is actually still around 50m height.

When I switch to satellite view mode I can see that the road is perfectly snapped to the vector data.

Any idea as to what is going on here? Both vector maps are coming off OpenStreetMap for both Pix4D Capture and also OpenStreetMap website?? or is the elevation data coming from MapBox which I suspect is the one which is vastly out.

I need to ensure my flight height estimates are right for this flight as I was looking to conduct a 2D mapping exercise flying as close as possible to the mountain so I need accurate ground elevation within Pix4D Capture. Any ideas as to why I am seeing the height elevation completely out within Pix4D Capture?

Many Thanks

Hi @nathan_thomas

Thank you for reporting this.

Please note that PIX4Dcapture is not maintained anymore.
In your case, it seems to be an issue with an external provider, which appears to be MapBox.

You can try to change the provider using this procedure

  1. Go to the home screen
  2. Tap Settings
  3. Tap Map under general settings
  4. Select another provider. ESRI Topographic seems to give good results there

Let me know if this helps you and if there is anything else I can do for you.


ok thanks for your help and managed to update the map settings. What is your alternative to Pix4D Capture if this is no longer maintained out of interest?

Hi @nathan_thomas

I’m happy to hear that this solved the problem with your map.

As an alternative, I can suggest PIX4Dcapture Pro:

You can find a list of supported drones here: