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Does not take photographs

When flying the grid mission mode, DJI F V2+ does not take photos at some part of colons. What do you think is the reason?

Hi Ali,
I find that when the P2V+ does not take pictures, it is due to a loss of signal between the app and the camera. This can be because of the distance, interference, etc. One thing that appears to help is to use a signal booster app, like FPV Booster. I’m not sure exactly how, but it seems to clean the signal and I get much better results.

Hi Kurtis,
Thank you but why do we need to “connected” for all flight? DJI should take photo as to flight plan.

Hi Ali,
Probably someone from Pix4D should verify this, but I believe the DJI API does not allow for uploading camera commands. The grid route can be uploaded using the DJI waypoints, but camera commands have to come from the app, rather than be stored onboard the P2V+. But again, Pix4D could probably explain this better.

Thank you Kurtis. You know this job. But I take photo with “DJI Vision” software while signal lost. So pix4d capture should let the take photo as to time interval.

I ran into the skipping of images also, I was laying the rc down after mission started. Determined that when phantom is directly overhead, if antennas on rc aren’t pointed properly, you can & will get skipped images. I have since installed one of it elites long distance antennas to my rc, still requires keeping antenna pointed at phantom, but the signal is rock solid on both 2.4ghz and 5 ghz bands. Like Kurtis I have also used FPV booster app and it helps signal also. Still requires keeping antennas oriented toward phantom.