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Distance information from stereo pairs


I have following problem:

For a project we would like to measure the distance of an moving object to a pair of cameras. Is there a software not only producing nice 3D images, but actual 3D information (eg as text/dxf file?), on how far an object is away. Or in other words does Pix4D makes that possible?

There is access to the site, so we can make reference measurements of distances and angles and the like from the surrounding scene. Basically the data come from HD/FHD movie cameras, but a full motion analyses is not intended.

There is no option to increase the number of cameras, as the moving object should not be disturbed.

Accuracy does not need to be very high, in the range of 10 -20 cm would be cool.

Best and thanks a lot for the help!

Fabian Haas

Pix4D software assumes that the scene being reconstructed is static, so this particular case would most likely cause severe artefacts in the reconstruction. The one exception would be if the background is homogeneous: in this case, the software will not extract keypoints in the background, and so the moving object/fixed camera is more or less equivalent to fixed object/moving camera. This is the approach we took for small object reconstruction, see