Custom background map for use with ViDoc

Would like to be able to load a custom map to use for navigation to a particular known point on a project with RTK accuracy. Would like to see this expanded so that I can use the ViDoc in a similar method to that of a RTK GPS rover for construction stakeout where I can load a job and navigate to stations and offsets along an alignment.

Hi COH_engineering,

Can you expand upon what you are looking for when you refer to loading a custom map? Are you referring to a map service such as WMS or WFS?

Regarding staking objects:

We are currently working on implementing site-localization into our PIX4Dcatch/viDoc RTK rover workflow.

Stake point: Being able to stake points is included in the roadmap. Users will be able to import points and then stake these points, it will also be available in a local CRS with this site localization implementation.

Stake line: This is something we have on the roadmap as well. While it would be a step further down the road, we would include the ability to stake to a line as well as stake to a line with a defined offset.

Given the timing of this inquiry and subject matter, we are very interested in hearing feedback regarding these subjects.

We look forward to your response.


Good day Jon.

Some quick background. I have experience in construction stakeout for roadway and utility construction utilizing total station and RTK GPS with various data collector products. As you are likely aware most construction staking works on alignment, station, and offset values. I see no reason that with the accuracy of the viDoc that it would not work (with it’s limitations being considered at all times and judgment by the user as to when that limit would prevent adequate results) as a tool for stakeout of ROW, cut/fill lines, and other alignment driven surveys where this level of accuracy is acceptable.

I currently work as the construction and inspection manager for a municipality in western North Carolina, USA. We purchased the viDoc as a tool for our inspectors to use to document utility construction with the long term goal of having a virtual world of our in ground water and sewer utilities. Recognizing that turning the viDoc into an “output” device would not take much imagination led me to start looking for ways to use it with what is currently available from Pix4D.

I was thinking that using a “custom map” would be a quick way to get to a very rudimentary version of “stake a point”. We often georeference plans into ArcGIS and use their explorer app to locate trees that are intended to be protected, approximate clearing limits, general location of sediment and stormwater ponds and many other items where we just need a general idea of where things will be located when construction starts. If we could load those maps, or georef the plans into the current Pix4D background maps, then we could significantly tighten up those approximations. We could also georef the grading sheet and get a good idea of cut/fill lines and roadway alignments. As I said all very rudimentary and visually driven rather than vector and coordinate based but significantly more accurate than the 30ish feet we get using the GPS on our phones and tablets.

It is great to hear that you are already heading down this road and I look forward to getting to tell my boss that the units I convinced him to purchase are about to get even more useful. I would be glad to test drive anything that you would be willing to push our way. My direct email is if you would prefer to reach out directly. Our of curiosity, are you located state side yourself?


Thanks for your introduction and feedback. I am passing this along to the product owner of the development team. They might be interested in contacting you directly, however, I would also like to keep the topic running here to see if there are any others wanting to chime in.

Glad to hear we are heading in the right direction. Will keep you in mind for Beta testing as well, I’m sure that will come in handy. I will reach out directly for that. There are a few other features coming soon that I think you(and the boss) will like as well.

Our main office is in Lausanne, Switzerland, however, we have offices around the world, with one in Denver. I’m from the states but live in Switzerland now. :+1:

All sounds good. And congratulations on getting to live in Switzerland for a while. I am sure that is quite an experience. I certainly look forward to the advances coming for the viDoc and the Pix4D suite as well.