Controlling Images

We have an ebee Drone and I am trying to us use GCP’s to control my images. Should I be using the basic editor to control these using GCP’s or would I see a better result processing the images first, then controlling from the Ray Cloud? My first attempt was using the Basic Editor but I noticed that the point cloud was off about 1 foot vertically after controlling. 

I generally prefer to run step 1. Initial Processing and to insert the GCPs either through the GCP/MTP Manager or directly in the rayCloud right after. I find it gives me a better control on marking images. I would use the Basic Editor only exceptionally if images don’t show up in the right sidebar when marking a GCP in the rayCloud.

As for the shift you have, it would be easier to help you if you share the quality report of your project, e.g. with a link to the file on a file sharing service such as Google Drive.