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Cannot preprocess image for annotation


I would like to process some archival, analog photographs with fiducial marks and a frame.


When i try to annotate some images, information, mentioned below, is displayed in the window:

“Information i0015: Cannot preprocess image for annotation”.


I have done “initial processing”…

Additional question - is it possible to import “masks” for each photograph from exterior file (image file)? Because of image size difference (scan of photographs) i can’t make “global mask”.

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An uncalibrated image can also be annotated. However, the annotation will only be taken into account if the image is calibrated. Please make sure that your cameras are calibrated. For more information about image annotation:

Unfortunately, it is not possible to import image annotations from external file. It is necessary to apply annotations manually.

If you need help to improve the results of step 1, you can refer to this article about how to analyze the Quality Report:

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