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Can you send the complete workflow steps for processing Phantom 4 RTK data?


I completed my first data collected with the Phantom 4 RTK. Can you send the complete workflow and explain what do I need to achieve survey grade accuracy? 

After the three steps of processing in the Pix4DMapper, I reviewed its Quality Report and the Georeferencing Section stated “yes no 3d GCP”.  What is the next step to correct this?


What is the purpose of the four files associated with the photos captured and should used these files be used in the process?

Looking forward to your answers.


Thank you,



Hi Johnny,

For a detailed description of the Phantom 4 RTK processing workflow, please read the article below:–Desktop-Processing-DJI-Phantom-4-RTK-datasets-with-Pix4D




This link is broken - can you please provide an updated one

Hi, Here is the working link: Processing DJI Phantom 4 RTK datasets with Pix4D