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Can pix4d process historic imagery captured with a film camera?

I have several historic imagery datasets that were captured a few decades ago with a film camera. The photos all have fiducial marks and have been metrically scanned.

I want to know if its possible to process these photos using pix4d. Specifically, does Pix4d have an option to measure fiducial marks and perform interior orientation?

Has anyone else managed to process historic datasets?


Laura, I have not done any history data sets, but I would like to help you.
By having the targets or marks and known dimension you can set scale to your project. There is a new version coming up soon (from the latest pix4d webinar) that will make this process very easy.

Hi Laura,
Pix4Dmapper is not designed to process historical scanned images. However, we did manage to process a few projects with analogue images and they gave good results.

It could work if you:

  1. Scan the images by aligning the fiducials.
  2. Crop the images to remove the fiducials. Make sure that the resulting images have the same width and height or you will obtain a different camera model for each image in Pix4Dmapper.
  3. Create a new camera model in Pix4Dmapper and find the optimized parameters. You can find more information about the camera model options here:


This is quite an old topic, however we had great success with it this year. The short answer is YES! It does require a fair bit of control though, and often you can use google earth for common locations and elevations that haven’t changed. We have produced orthomosaic outputs for thousands of square miles using Pix4D. Large film scans (9") scanned at high resolution can often be much more than 55 megapixels, so the large-frame camera add-on is necessary.