Can I create Spectral Signature with PIX4DFiedls?

Hello I’m new with the topic and tool. I have PIX4Dfields Perpetual License and I have been proccessing images en PIX4Dfields. I created indices in terms of the simple bands as in the above part in the image:


Then, for each band, it gave me pixels values like in the bellow of the previous image.

How could I interpret those numbers? These are reflectance values or the usual pixels values normalized? If is the second, How the reals values was transform to be normalized? I want to create a Spectral Signature for certain species, but I do not know if PIX4DFields could afford this. What other tool do you recomend me?

Thanks for your answers.

The value depends on the radiometric correction the Software was able to do.
If you have a camera with a sunlight sensor it will correct for that influence but the values will still be pseudo reflectance value.

For absolute reflectance values you need a to calibrate your dataset with a reflectance panel. You can read more about that topic here:

Thanks for your answer. Then, this values greater than 1, is because of calibration problems? The absolute reflectance must give us only values from 0 to 1, rigth? when Im using the bands indices red, blue, etc.

Yes it ranges from 0 to 1. But for that you need a calibration panel.

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