Calibration failed after adding MTPs and reoptimize

Hi All,

I have been experiencing this issue for several days, and I’ve read through url ariticals I could find… There is a small area in my project hard to calibrate since talus and sand coverage. 22 of ~3000 images failed to calibrate, so I added some MTPs for that area after initial processing (calibration), then hit reoptimize.
But then all images failed, became uncalibrated after reoptimizing, and no x, y, z and accuracy generated for any MTPs.

I also attach the log and quality report, I think the issue comes from the MTPs but I am not sure how to fix. (2.7 MB)
Project_2023-07-26_11-44_Golden_Mask_2-quality_report.pdf (25.3 KB)

Any help will be appreciated it,
Mu =

Hi Mu,

I noticed you have a valid license with active support and upgrade service.

I sent you a support ticket to help you with this project.

Looking forward to your response in the support ticket.

Best regards,
Rosana (she/her)