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Auto return home


I am using Phanton 2 Vison Plus with Pix4D Capture 1.0.2 (Android).
Why drone always returns to home when battery capacity reaches to 50%?
Thank you!!

Antonio Hsu

 Hi Antonio,

Do you still get this issue with our latest Android version (2.0.8)?
Normally you should get a message alert when the battery reaches 20% and then the drone will automatically return home when the level is critical.

Best regards,

This may not be the case for you, but when I fly a long linear mission along a road, I also get the warning around 55% when I have been constantly traveling away from the initial home point.  I assume that the Quad knows it needs to start back home since it must travel nearly the same distance back.   I just reset the home point and keep flying (until 20-30% is reached of course) .